Defining Membership in Bylaws: How to Do it and Why it Matters

Cost: $15


Oct 13 2023


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


AirCon Training & Development Room by FuseSocial
20 Riedel Street, 2nd Floor, Fort McMurray, Alberta

Explore the nuances of determining nonprofit membership criteria and its impact on governance and operations. This workshop highlights the choices available in the Alberta Societies Act regarding membership and offers guidance on vital considerations for creating or amending bylaws. It’s a must-attend for those contemplating membership limitations, formulating bylaws for a new nonprofit under the Alberta Societies Act, or revising existing bylaws. Attendees will gain insights into the role of membership criteria in governance and understand bylaw essentials for defining member eligibility. Note: Addressing rule-breaking members is outside the workshop’s scope.