Truth Before Reconciliation: An Indigenous Cultural Learning and Sharing Series

Cost: $165


Apr 26 2023


12:30 pm - 4:30 pm


AirCon Training & Development Room by FuseSocial
20 Riedel Street, 2nd Floor, Fort McMurray, Alberta
This Sharing Series is designed to support social profit leaders, including board members, executive directors and volunteer managers, on their learning journey of enhanced Indigenous cultural awareness and understanding.
As social profit leaders, your capacity and intention when it comes to Indigenous engagement influences how your organization works and interacts within the community – this workshop will provide leaders the tools to support and build a foundation of cultural awareness and respect.
Participants will partake in five different workshops where they will explore their individual and collective responsibilities as leaders in Wood Buffalo under the guidance of a local Indigenous Elder or advocate.
Please be advised that you cannot register for each session individually; attendees must commit to the five-session series to maximum its full impact.